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Manually compiling and installing PGPlot

Compiling and installing PGPlot may be tricky, because no default build tools are provided. Common issues include compilation problems in general, no generation of a shared library or problems building it (-fPIC), no linking against X11, etc. Stealing from the … Continue reading


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How to obtain a licence file for the Intel C/C++ or Fortran compilers on Linux

In the past one could register at Intel and obtain a non-commercial licence for their C/C++ and Fortran compilers. Currently, you must download and install the software as well, amounting to several gigabytes. If your compiler is already installed, e.g. … Continue reading

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Erroneous gfortran warning of unused module variable when variable is only used in namelist

gfortran-4.7.2 -Wall gives a warning about unused module variables when those variables are only used in a namelist: Warning: Unused module variable ‘x’ which has been explicitly imported at (1) The warning goes away when the variable is used elsewhere.

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Fortran input/output

Here are some options for the open() and read() statements in Fortran that I keep looking up, as well as format descriptors for the read() and write() statements.

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