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gitcheck: check all your git repositories for changes

One of the cool things about distributed version-control systems (VCSs) or source-control managers (SCMs) like bzr or git is that they don’t have to be distributed. Today, I stick virtually any text file I write into a (local) git repository, … Continue reading


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Convert bzr to git

I played with bzr (Bazaar) as a source-control manager (SCM) for a while, after having used svn for a couple of years. In the end, bzr turned out to be the stepping stone I needed to move to git. Hence, … Continue reading

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A concise svn HOWTO

This summary gives an impression of the typical use of the svn command. In fact, svn is an important command of the programme called Subversion. Subversion is a programme for version control: it keeps track of the changes made to … Continue reading

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