How to obtain a licence file for the Intel C/C++ or Fortran compilers on Linux

In the past one could register at Intel and obtain a non-commercial licence for their C/C++ and Fortran compilers. Currently, you must download and install the software as well, amounting to several gigabytes. If your compiler is already installed, e.g. because it is part of your Linux distribution as in the case of Gentoo, here’s how to get the licence file without downloading too much data.

Register and download the installer script

  1. Go to Intel’s Non-Commercial Software Development page
  2. Choose the Intel Fortran or C++ Composer and accept the conditions
  3. Register with your email address and continue
  4. You will receive an email with a serial number, and a link to download the software — open that link in your browser
  5. Download the online installer script and save it. Whereas the whole package is several gigabytes, the online-installer script is only a few (tens of) kilobytes.

Run the installer script

  1. Run the installer script in a terminal as a normal user, e.g.:
    $ chmod u+x
    $ ./
  2. Then:
    • choose “install as current user”
    • ignore the ‘unsupported OS’ message
    • accept the licence agreement
    • enter the serial number you obtained through email
    • your licence file should now be in ~/intel/licenses/, where icc can find it
    • optionally, move the file to e.g. /opt/intel/licenses/ (and give it root ownership)
    • the licence is valid for a year

I tried this only for the C++ compiler, but I suspect that this works similarly for the Intel Fortran compiler.

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