KDE4: battery not present, cannot suspend/sleep

On one of my Gentoo systems running KDE 4.3, I had a problem with the following symptoms:

  • the battery monitor would say: “Battery: not present”
  • sleep/suspend buttons were missing from the Power Management settings, as well as from the Applications/Leave menu.

When looking in the Power Management settings/Capabilities, I would have:

  • Number of CPUs: 0
  • Number of batteries: 0
  • Supported CPU policies: “no methods found”
  • Supported suspend methods: “no methods found”

From the “fixes” below, I found the first two via Google, and the third through trial and error (after I discovered that on one machine things worked for one user but not for another). This is the reason I put this page online. The third point finally made things work for me, the second is quite important to check and the first matters according to some people (though for me it didn’t matter) and shouldn’t hurt in any case.

  1. Verify that XSESSION="kde-4.3" is correct in /etc/rc.conf (set to the KDE version you’re using)
  2. Verify that the acpid, consolekit and hald daemons are installed and running (they should be found in /etc/init.d/. You can add them to your favourite runlevels using rc-update
  3. Add the user to the plugdev group (see man usermod). After doing this I had to start most daemons; telinit 1 followed by telinit 4 (my default for X) worked for me


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